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Easily worth every single hryvna! Adam is a great guide, and the two sites are amazing. Highly recommended!
Audun 25. &  Kjartan 25.
Bergen, Norway



For those of you who were around for the cold war, you’ll remember that one thing the Soviets did well was building BIG secretive things.  Well if you want a taste of modern day under-cities, built by the last monolithic empire, Adam Contra is your man.  He runs the TIU Yalta Backpackers Hostel and will take you out in his urban assault vehicle to two of these incredible sites. 

First stop, the Balaklava submarine base.  This huge complex carved into a mountainside is accessed from a protected harbor in this once closed city.  This is where the Soviets used to park their most advanced subs for servicing and re-arming.  You can walk the halls of the complex, see the submarine channels and locks and even visit a museum inside that is dedicated to the Crimean War; yet another layer of history in this incredible land that spans back to the ancient Greeks.

Next you’re off to a top secret installation burrowed 200 meters underground into a mountain; simply named, “Object 221”.  This was to be the Control Center of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet; part of a greater underground city system that runs under Sevastopol.  Started in the late 70’s, this complex contains kilometres of concrete tunnels, shafts and huge four story rooms whose exact purpose and design may never be known; over a decade in the making and then suddenly abandoned after the cold war. 

Adam is your “Indiana Jones” for the day and will take you deep into the complex to explore this incredible and mysterious cold war relic.  You won’t find any golden idols, but you’ll have a hell of a time!  Where else in the world could you just walk into a place like this?      

Keep up the good work Adam!                                                                           

  James 35. SanDiego Ca.

Hello Adam!
This is Marcin, one of two Polish guys you took on excursion to Object 221
and Balaklava at the beginning of June.
 I would like to thank you one more time for this trip. It was the most
interesting point of my visit in Ukraine.

Marcin 25. Katowice, Poland
"For anyone who remembers the myths and legends around the Cold War, this excursion is an eye opener. The nuclear bomb proof submarine base lets you explore, at your own pace, and has an information leaflet in English. Then there is 'Object 221'. This was an underground complex built as the Black Sea command post in the event of nuclear attack. It has been stripped now, but to be able to explore all of the tunnels and chambers on a similar installation in the west would still be forbidden."
"This day trip was well worth while."
Andrew 37 - Sydney, Australia.



The tour I did with Adam (secret underground base) was one of the most unique and fascinating things I have done. Adam is a professional yet easy going guide who goes out of his way to ensure your trip is enjoyable and memorable. His knowledge of Soviet history and of the sites we visited was second to none, and really added to the experience. I will be talking about this tour for years to come!

Any visit to Crimea will not be complete without doing one of Adam's 4x4 tours - put simply, a MUST DO!  

                      Shannon 30 - Sydney, Australia